After “lengthy” consideration on which phone to finally upgrade, I decided on the HTC Magic. The HTC G1 wasn’t really for me. Design does matter and the G1 felt unrefined and poorly made. I’d also worked with T-Mobile indirectly and was less than impressed with their professionalism. The iPhone has a proven track record and in my opinion you can never complain about Apple design. However, you can complain about the cost. Apple has expensive contracts and the devices are often costly. The HTC Magic was new to the market and glowing reviews.

I have had my Magic for two or three months now and have been more than happy with it. It does everything I need. I’d like a 3mm jack and longer battery life and maybe an external camera button, but hey love what you’ve got not what you’re missing. Maybe I’m in love with HTC, maybe Android, but more likely is that it’s seamlessness with everything Google. I can’t see too much difference with the HTC Hero, slightly different design and firmware, but overall I’d stick with Vodafone and the Magic over T-Mobile and the Hero.